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Toll Free: 855.979.9139
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Toll Free: 855.979.9139


PumpWorks Foundry

The PumpWorks pump foundry is a fully-integrated industrial casting facility with complete tool design and development capabilities located in Lufkin, TX. Our concurrent engineering services help improve throughput in the manufacturing process. This process efficiency drives product design, helps reduce development time, and speeds delivery of our casting products.
Facility Information

Area: 35,000 square feet
Capabilities: Conventional Sand Molding
3D Printed Sand Molds
Investment Castings
Full In-House Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Complete On-Site Engineering Services
Finished Casting Weights to 5,000#
Equipment: 3D CT Scanner for Digital Casting RT
(3) Inductotherm Furnaces
(3) Heat Treating Ovens and Quench Pit
Romer CMM Arm for Precision Inspection

Casting Services

The PumpWorks foundry provides a wide variety of casting services, including:

  • 3D digitizing and modelling
  • Parts that meet or exceed original OEM in fit, form, and function
  • Precise digital modeling vane layouts
  • Reverse engineered parts using Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
  • One-ton piece part capacity in metallurgies from carbon steel through titanium

Quality Assurance

At PumpWorks, our commitment to ensuring metallurgical and dimensional repeatability prior to melt is paramount. From raw material to final casting products, the PumpWorks quality assurance team monitors every aspect of sand casting and investment casting process. As standard, all castings receive our mandatory 100% visual inspection. Additionally, we employ complete in-house casting inspections which include certified spectroanalysis, physical property testing, non-destructive testing techniques, and live casting X-ray analysis to guarantee metallurgical properties and structural integrity.
PumpWorks utilizes precision investment casting techniques to yield parts with exceptionally smooth surface finishes and repeatable, efficient, hydraulic performance. Common alloys poured include:

  • ASTM A216 WCB
  • ASTM A351 CF3M, CF8M, CN7M
  • ASTM A352 LCB
  • ASTM A995 CD4MCu
  • ASTM A743 CA15, CA6NM, CN7M
  • ASTM A494 CW6M, N7M, CZ100 (HastelloyB, C, G)

Proudly Made in the USA

All PumpWorks foundry products are entirely Made in the USA. Our foundry also gives us complete control of the supply chain process, which allows for rapid, on-time product availability and exceptional service. To learn more about the PumpWorks foundry, please contacts us directly by phone at
888-405-0209 or email us at info@pumpworks.com.