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Toll Free: 855.979.9139

Remanufactured Pumps

PumpWorks provides optimal remanufactured process that determines the best way to get your equipment to optimum operating condition. All PumpWorks remanufactured pumps are hydraulically re-rated from surplus or used industrial pumps and material into a new product. A remanufactured pump undergoes a very comprehensive Rotordynamic Analysis and inspection process that addresses all aspects of the remanufactured pump in depth.

Once remanufactured, such a pump can surpass the performance of the original OEM pump.

pump remanufacturing

What is the Difference Between Repaired, Rebuilt, and Remanufactured Pumps?

Pump Repairs

A pump is repaired when a broken part is fixed or replaced. The goal of pump repairs is to get the pumps working again.

Rebuilt Pumps

A rebuilt pump is a used pump in which the worn parts and components have been fixed or replaced. Once more, the goal is to get it working again. Rebuilt – Repair worn parts and components. Goal: Get it working again.

Remanufactured Pumps

A remanufactured pump has been completely disassembled and made into a new product. The goal here is to meet or exceed customer performance specifications. A remanufactured pump can start as a surplus, as-is pumps from the customer, or can be selected from PumpWorks inventory of thousands of pumps from where customers can select the product that best matches customer specifications. Please click here to learn more about the PumpWorks process for remanufacturing pumps.

Why Remanufacture Used Industrial Pumps?

  • Faster Delivery
  • Remanufactured API End-Suction Pumps
    (In 8 to 10 weeks vs. 32 to 45 weeks for OEM)
  • Remanufactured Multistage Pumps
    (In 14 to 16 weeks vs. 45 to 55 weeks for OEM)
  • Complete Performance Testing Available, Guaranteed Rated Condition
  • Competitive Warranty
    (12-months after start-up or 18 months after shipment)


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