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Toll Free: 855.979.9139

Predict-Plus – Remote Pump Monitoring System

Predict Plus logo – Your Pump Wants to Talk to You™

  • Vibration and temperature monitoring and trending
  • Cloud platform with configurable alert thresholds
  • Data visualization and storage for Temperature, RMS Vibration and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Low-cost solution available for new and existing rotating equipment
  • Battery powered with 1 year rated life after which batteries can be replaced easily
  • Class 1 Division 1 certified for hazardous locations (pending)
  • Communication within the United States using the Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile networks
  • Cellular communications in 107 different countries


Predict-Plus samples for data and threshold violations automatically 


Overall RMS vibration alerts can be used to indicate a fault condition and FFT harmonic data can be used to diagnose the issue.


Temperature is monitored via an integrated thermocouple to detect improper run conditions and failure modes.


The Predict-Cloud is your equipment dashboard complete with proactive alerts, historic data trends, and reports to keep you informed of your assets.


For more information on the Predict-Plus – Remote Pump Monitoring System, visit www.dxpe.com/predict-plus.