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API 610 PW-11 Upgrade Kit

API 610 PW-11 Upgrade Kit

For Use With Any Brand of Horizontal Single Stage OH2 Process Pumps

PumpWorks offers the API 610 PW-11 Upgrade Program, a retrofit upgrade that meets API 610 11th edition standards for horizontal single stage OH2 process pumps. The upgrade ensures petroleum refineries have a fast and cost-effective way to modify any brand of existing OH2 pump and achieve API 610 11th edition requirements without expensive changes to the wet end (casing & impeller) and piping. We retrofit the existing casing and impeller of the customer’s pump with a PumpWorks PW-11 upgrade kit.

Alternatively, with access to over 1,200 single stage surplus/used OH2 overhung process pumps, PumpWorks can match your existing unit. We upgrade the surplus/used pump out of inventory to drop in place, providing a quick and cost-effective upgraded replacement for your process pump.

With the PW-11 Upgrade, PumpWorks can:

  • Update Seal Chamber Dimensions
  • Increase MTBR/MTBF
  • Update Bearing Housing Design
  • Increase Non-Cooled Temperature Capability
  • Standardize Pump Components
  • Update Casing Cover Design

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