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PumpWorks began as Best Equipment Service & Sales Company, which was incorporated in 1978 and began business January 2, 1979. The first “shop” was rented in Lindale, Texas. The company had a total of five persons on the payroll and began as an Authorized Distributor of Ingersoll-Rand Pumps. The company shortly began adding various other lines of pumps, added Drafting and Engineering personnel and began expanding into small pump systems.


In 1981, the company built a 20,000 square-foot building and relocated 10 miles south in Tyler, Texas. The company has added regularly to this location to support the growth and today this facility is approximately 150,000 square feet.


In 1986, the Pump Packages and Packaged Pump Systems part of the business had grown and a new company, Flowtronex International Inc. was created for the purpose of marketing modular pumping systems. The oil market declined in 1986 and the company was faced with the need for opening up new markets.

The knowledge of complex controls used in the oil and gas markets provided the vehicle for Flowtronex International to enter the turf irrigation market. Flowtronex International was the first company to use a variable frequency drive (inverter) to control the pumps on a golf course irrigation station. This technology permitted the power consumed by a pump station to be a smooth curve, rather than a step function. This resulted in substantial energy savings to the golf course. The first golf course to accept this new technology was the municipal golf course in Plano, TX. That pump station is still in operation today. The golf course systems went by the trade name of VSPS (Variable Speed Pumping System).

Today, Flowtronex International has expanded into New and Remanufactured Pumps (PumpWorks) and Chemical Feed Injection Systems (CFS) as well as its core business of engineered-to-order pump systems (Esys).


In 1993, VSPS and Pumping Systems Inc. (PSI) of Dallas, TX were fierce competitors. Best Equipment (the parent of Flowtronex International at that time), purchased PSI and created a new company Flowtronex PSI which was the combination of the VSPS unit of Flowtronex International and the existing operation of PSI. The superior controls from VSPS and the superior mechanical packaging from PSI were combined in the new company. Today, Flowtronex PSI is the market leader in the turf irrigation market.


In 1996, substantially all of the entire group of companies was acquired by The Rosewood Corporation, which is owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate. In a reorganization, Rosewood Equipment Company (REC) was created which holds the ownership of all the operating business and provides corporate services (management oversight, accounting, marketing, information systems, human resources and training) to the operating business. REC is located in Plano, TX.


In 2002, five of the officers bought the company back from Rosewood Equipment and formed B27 Inc., LLC.


In 2014, B27, LLC was acquired by DXP Enterprises Inc.   DXP’s large national footprint and over 300 sales professionals provided the next growth step for the PumpWorks product lines.


In 2015, PumpWorks and DXP launched the PumpWorks Industrial product line.  This included ANSI and Industrial Process Pumps manufactured at a new facility in Houston, Texas.   PumpWorks Industrial quickly became an industry leader.  Unlike virtually all of our competitors, 100% of PumpWorks Industrial Products are Made in the USA. 


In 2017, the company consolidated all of its divisions to form PumpWorks.

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