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What Can Predictive Monitoring Tell You About Your Pumps?

By PumpWorks Engineering Team / November 16, 2022

predictive monitoring

Mechanical pumps play a crucial role in several commercial and industrial applications. Like every other man-made device, pump systems require routine maintenance to mitigate the wear. Predictive monitoring is an effective strategy to combat component breakdown. Integrating equipment sensors will allow operators to analyze operational data and conduct pre-emptive repairs.

What Is Predictive Pump Monitoring?

Predictive monitoring involves using analytic technology to check pump performance in real-time. Predictive devices possess sensors that can be integrated into running pumps to measure various parameters (flow rate, temperature, vibration) that indicate performance status.

What Can You Learn from Predictive Pump Monitoring?

The parameters analyzed by predictive monitoring include fluid flow rate, pump temperatures, pressure, and vibration. These parameters are dynamic and vary according to the operating demands.

Typically, there are standard acceptable ranges for various operational variables for mechanical pumps pre-set by equipment manufacturers. Significant variation from pre-determined values can be the first indicator of impending pump failure. The main purpose of remote pump monitoring is to detect ominous changes in equipment parameters early so corrective measures can be implemented.

Flow Rate

One of the most crucial parameters that predictive systems can monitor is fluid flow rate. The fluid flow rate is defined as the volume of gas or liquid that can be channeled through a pre-determined length of piping per unit of time.

Installed pump meters can be used to calculate this parameter as they possess wheels that emit pulse when driven by passing fluids. Meter data can be recorded and analyzed against pre-set flow limits. Deviations from set limits will trigger alarms that prompt pump operators to action.

Pump Runtime

Collating and analyzing data on equipment runtime is good industrial practice. Careful observation of mechanical pump operation times will enable operators to schedule critical repairs in time. Predictive monitoring systems can help automatically log operational hours and send out alerts notifying users of the need for pump system checks.

Operational Temperature

Thermal conditions are required to keep industrial pumps operating efficiently. Significant changes in operating temperatures can negatively affect the fluid being pumped and the components of the pump system.

Integration of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance devices can help operators maintain the best thermal conditions for their pumps. Thermocouples installed in pump equipment will constantly sample equipment temperatures and send out alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded. Temperature monitoring will enable rapid implementation of cooling measures to preserve component integrity and prolong their useful life spans.

Vibration Detection

Vibration surveillance is another vital aspect of predictive monitoring. While some degree of vibration is expected during routine pump operation, new changes in the vibration characteristics of fluid pumps might indicate component damage. For example, impeller breakdown, pump seal wear, and damage to pump bearings are some of the possible causes of alterations to pump vibration characteristics.

Vibration sensors can be programmed to detect changes in the acoustic signature of a pumping unit which even the most experienced personnel will miss until significant damage has occurred. By constantly logging active pump data, predictive vibration sensors can give operators a clear picture of overall system health and even predict the likely failure point by vibration frequency type.

For example, low-frequency vibrations can suggest problems with pump lubrication. Mid to high-frequency vibrations should prompt impeller and drive motor checks. Additionally, very high-frequency vibrations suggest imminent piping faults, pump cavitations, and high-pressure leaks.

Predict-Plus – Remote Pump Monitoring System

PumpWorks has developed a state-of-the-art proactive, predictive pump monitoring system guaranteed to optimize your equipment performance and longevity. PredictPlus technology enables continuous and accurate real-time data collation/analysis of key operating parameters such as temperature and vibration.

Full integration with the Predict Cloud platform allows operators to observe historic performance data, set diagnostic limits, and receive timely updates on pump system health.

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