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API 610 Vertical Process Pump – Model PWV

API 610 11th edition multistage vertical turbine VS6
( can barrel) and VS1 (open sump) pumps

API 610 material classes S-1, S-4, S-5, S-8 and A-8 
(Other material combinations are available)

The Model PWV is an API 610 vertical turbine pump whose features allow for easy maintenance, higher efficiency and a longer life. The renewable bowl and impeller wear rings permit re-establishing initial running clearances and efficiency. The suction barrel is designed to resist rust and corrosion as well as minimize velocity along the can length, resulting in optimum hydraulic inlet conditions at the suction bowl entrance.

The pumps are built, assembled and performance tested in full compliance with API 610/ISO 13709 in Tyler, Texas.


Flow (gpm) Head (ft) Pressure (psig) Temp (F)
 34,000  6,560 3,750 400

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