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Chill Out: PumpWorks Group 2 Process Pump Wins Competition

By PumpWorks Engineering Team / November 9, 2017

PumpWorks recently tested a Group 2 PWA (B73.1 ANSI Process Pump) in a head to head comparison with a major competitor.

Our principle area of study for this test was how the Powerframe manages heat.   Heat is generated by the bearings and transferred through conduction from the process fluid to the Powerframe.  The Powerframe operating temperature is a major contributor to the health of any pump.   Higher bearing temperatures lead to lower bearing L10h life and elevated oil temperatures degrade oil performance. 

PumpWorks PWA has several advanced features to control the Powerframe temperature:

  • Splash Lubrication rather than oil bath.  This provide optimum lubrication to the bearings and reduces friction in the rolling elements due to oil.
  • Greater oil cooling surface area.   Splash lubrication sprays oil on all interior surfaces of the Powerframe which enhances thermal transfer to the outside environment.
  • Exterior Cooling Fins.   Larger external surface area further enhances oil cooling by increasing the area over which convective cooling occurs.

As you can see from the comparative FLIR ™ images, the PWA Group 2 Powerframe outperforms the competition by 21 Deg F.

Images were taken after 4 hours of continuous runtime at BEP.

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